Prahlad Delaney
Web Development and Design Strategist
Jacksonville, FL
Professional Skills
Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • InDesign
  • Premier Pro
  • Acrobat
Microsoft Office
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Teams
Social Media, SEO and AdWords
  • Experienced in current social media platforms and their correct business usage
  • Strong knowledge of SEO including the correct usage of meta-content, rich content and schema usage, and Google Analytics 4
  • Google Search Console, Adwords, Adsense, and Looker Studio
Programming Languages
  • HTML and CSS - Strong working knowledge
  • ASP, XML & PHP - Basic working knowledge
CMS Platforms
  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • NextCloud
Server Administration
  • Hosting, email setup and management
  • Email deliverability
  • Domain registration
  • Server security and management
Google Business Suite
  •  Analytics4
  • Search Console
  • Looker Studio
  • Adsense
  • Adwords
  •  Photo editing and restoration
  • Studio photography and lighting
  • Product Photography
  • Digital and film photography

Experienced Web Development and Design Strategist with an extensive background in Web and Graphic Design, Marketing, and Business Analytics. I am constantly seeking process improvement and the use of new technologies. I have a strong work ethic, excellent time management and communication skills, and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing priorities. Known for being a creative and a problem-solver, I bring over 23 years of professional experience in the design field.

Web Design and Development Consultant
New York Kids Club NY Preschool – New York, NY2020 – Present
  • Corporate Website Management and Optimization: Overseeing the maintenance of two corporate websites for New York's premier children's enrichment center, comprising 17 locations.
  • Design and Content Expertise: Drive frequent design and content updates to ensure the websites remained visually captivating, informative, and always engaging to visitors.
  • Data-Driven Performance Tracking: Provide monthly Google Analytics (GA4) reports to track website performance and user behavior.
  • Employee Resource Empowerment: Pioneered the establishment and continued management of a comprehensive online resource portal that catered to the needs of over 150 employees, facilitating streamlined access to essential curriculum and training tools.
  • Malware Removal and Security Enhancement: Demonstrated exceptional skills in malware removal, successfully eradicating extensive threats from an infected site. Additionally, implemented robust security measures to fortify site and server integrity, proactively averting future incidents.
  • Performance Optimization: Implement optimization techniques to enhance website performance and user experience.
  • Regular Audits: Conduct routine website audits to identify performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Engaged in close collaboration with the marketing team, collectively enhancing website design and functionality to dramatically heighten customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Website Administrator
Cuetip – Los Angeles, CA2022 – Present
  • Website Enhancements and Traffic Growth: Updates to site content and images resulting in over 400% increase in direct traffic and over 500% in referral traffic in 12 months.
  • Design and Promotion: Create promotional materials to boost brand awareness within the cannabis industry.
  • Strategic Content Planning: Collaborate closely with the marketing team to devise and execute an effective content strategy that captivates and engages the website's target audience.
  • Website Operations and Maintenance: Oversee website operations with frequent updates to ensure content relevance and user engagement, conduct routine website maintenance tasks, including updates, backups, and security checks, to ensure optimal functionality and safeguard against potential threats.
Photo DigitizerOctober 2021 – Present
  • Photo Digitization Services: Provide comprehensive photo digitization services tailored to the specific requirements of each client, accommodating collections of any type and size.
  • Bulk Scanning and Digitization: Specialize in bulk scanning of photos, slides, and negatives, offering a wide array of digitization services such as photo restoration, color correction, enlargement, slideshow creation, and archival services.
Web Development and Business Consultant
P Delaney Consulting Inc.June 2000 – Present

Comprehensive Services: Offering a full spectrum of professional services, including:

  • Web Design and Development: Creating custom web solutions for clients nationwide.
  • Graphic Design and Branding: Crafting compelling visual identities.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Developing and optimizing online stores.
  • Operations Management: Ensuring efficient business operations.
  • Analytics: Utilizing data for informed decision-making.
  • Social Media Integration and Automation: Integrating and streamlining social media activities.
  • Email Deliverability and Marketing Campaigns: Enhancing email marketing effectiveness.
  • Website Security: Ensuring robust website security measures.
  • Malware Removal: Safeguarding websites by removing malware.
E-Commerce and Web Development Specialist
Metabolic Research Center - Jacksonville, FLJuly 2013 – September 2020
  • E-Commerce Operations Leadership: Pioneered and meticulously managed all facets of a dynamic health & wellness e-commerce site, featuring an extensive catalog boasting over 75 products.
  • Remarkable Sales Growth Achievement: Delivered astounding sales growth results, spearheading an impressive surge in online revenue from $400K per year to an exceptional $2.5M per year.
  • Continuous User Experience Enhancement: Maintained an unwavering commitment to user satisfaction, perpetually enhancing website design and features. This relentless focus resulted in increased user engagement and an uptick in conversions.
  • Multifaceted Multimedia Responsibilities: Wielded a diverse skill set, seamlessly managing video production, print design, digital asset management, and email marketing, while also extending support to employees across nationwide locations.
  • Effective Email Marketing: Masterminded the development and maintenance of a robust customer mailing list, a vital asset for fostering customer relationships and driving revenue. Executed frequent high-impact email campaigns, consistently bolstering revenue and customer engagement.
  • Direct Sales Integration: Successfully established and expertly managed an integrated direct sales channel, comprising over 100 independent sales reps. Produced and delivered detailed monthly reports, offering insights into sales, commissions, and overall performance.
Web Design Specialist – Consultant
On Ideas Advertising Agency - Jacksonville, FLJune 2013

(Award winning Advertising agency servicing large and publicly traded companies with local HQ’s)

  • • Planned and designed new advertising campaigns for national clients.
  • • Designed user interface for new Facebook application as well as modifications to existing ones.
  • • Designed multi-variation comps for client's static and multimedia banners.
  • • Modified landing pages for advertising campaigns.
  • • Collaborated with team of designers, copywriters under the direction of Art Director to ensure quality results.
Creative Director
DXM Marketing Group - Jacksonville, FLDec 2012 – May 2013

Digital Marketing Collaboration:

  • • Collaborated closely with the VP of Digital Marketing to elevate the organization's creative design and web expertise.
  • • Assisted in developing marketing strategies geared towards driving new business.
  • • Contributed to new design projects aimed at enhancing the company's online presence.

Corporate Website Management:

  • • Managed all aspects of the corporate website, including Content creation and updates. establishment of company listings on professional directories, SEO management for improved online visibility and regular analytics and adjustments to increase site traffic.

Marketing Collateral Design:

  • • Designed sales sheets, corporate brochures, and product guides tailored to attract new business.

Marketing Portals:

  • • Created and managed marketing portals that streamlined client access to variable marketing materials through personalized websites.

Graphic Design:

  • • Designed visually appealing vehicle wrap graphics for both the company's and clients' fleet vehicles.
  • • Created effective direct mail advertisements for both the company and clients, leveraging variable data personalization.

Interactive Touch-Screen Display:

  • • Assisted in the design and maintenance of an interactive touch-screen display project, enhancing user engagement and information accessibility.
Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design Technology
Santa Fe College - Gainesville, FL
  • Graduated with honors from the leading design school in Florida.
  • Coursework included proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite for print and web applications, photography, marketing, and public speaking.