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I’ve been designing websites for over 25 years and mostly using Godaddy for personal and client websites. Godaddy was one of the leaders in domain name purchasing and hosting for a very long time, mainly thanks to their heavy advertising, but they also had low prices. But over the last 10 years I have seen their quality go down and prices go up. They are also a constant target for hackers and site security threats, especially WordPress sites on Shared Hosting packages. I have many issues with sites going down due to problems with other sites on their network, unrelated to mine, and very long wait time for them to come back up or even speak to someone about the issue.

I have been using InMotion Hosting since 2017 and have been very pleased with their performance and customer service. They have two US offices with 254/7 phone or LiveChat support without long waits. Their pricing is also excellent for the quality they offer and they frequently have promotions and special offers. For these reasons, I have chose InMotion Hosting as my exclusive partner for Web Hosting and Domain Names.

Hosting Partner InMotion Hosting Web Hosting: VPS Business Plans

While Dedicated Servers are best, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best cost-effective option available today. I do not recommend using Shared Hosting for a business website. Shared hosting means sharing a server – and its resources – with other sites. That’s bandwidth, storage and security. VPS hosting creates a virtual environment that imitates a dedicated server, but within a shared hosting environment, at a lower price than a dedicated server. VPS is easily scalable as your business grows.

Hosting Partner InMotion Hosting Domain Names: Free with Hosting Plan (1st year)

InMotion Hosting offers 1 free domain name, for the first year, with the purchase of any new Web Hosting Package. Renewal prices vary but are usually under $18 per year.