Web Design Portfolio: NY Kids Club

Web Design: NY Kids Club

Project URL: nykidsclub.com


Project Highlights:

  • Corporate Website Management and Optimization: Overseeing the maintenance of two corporate websites for New York’s premier children’s enrichment center, comprising 17 locations.
  • Design and Content Expertise: Drive frequent design and content updates to ensure the websites remained visually captivating, informative, and always engaging to visitors.
  • Data-Driven Performance Tracking: Provide monthly Google Analytics (GA4) reports to track website performance and user behavior.
  • Employee Resource Empowerment: Pioneered the establishment and continued management of a comprehensive online resource portal that catered to the needs of over 150 employees, facilitating streamlined access to essential curriculum and training tools.
  • Malware Removal and Security Enhancement: Demonstrated exceptional skills in malware removal, successfully eradicating extensive threats from an infected site. Additionally, implemented robust security measures to fortify site and server integrity, proactively averting future incidents.
  • Performance Optimization: Implement optimization techniques to enhance website performance and user experience.
  • Regular Audits: Conduct routine website audits to identify performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Engaged in close collaboration with the marketing team, collectively enhancing website design and functionality to dramatically heighten customer engagement and boost conversion rates.


Visit Site: nykidsclub.com


January 1, 2022
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